September 2019 Music Student of the Month – Sintia Cruz Hernandez

Sintia is picking up a new instrument this year, the euphonium, after two years of playing the trumpet in the school band, and she is enjoying the new sound. She appreciates how music can help shift her mood, whether it is to calm her nerves or keep her  feeling upbeat.  Congratulations to Sintia for being the first Student Musician of the Month in the new school year!

Work hard and have goals like learning new notes or a new piece. Play whatever instrument you want.

Orcas Middle School Band member Sintia Cruz Hernandez

2019_9 - Sintia- MS Band - Darvill's

The Music Student of the Month series recognizes Orcas Island Public School musicians who work hard at their musical skills and whose love of music is an inspiration to their fellow student musicians.  Thank you so much to the Orcas Island businesses who are sponsoring this monthly series throughout the 2019-20 school year that recognizes the efforts of student musicians and the value of school music!

–as published in Islands’ Sounder Sep 2019