Joyce Burghardt Fund

I am deeply honored by the establishment of this fund in my name.  Twenty years ago the decision was made to eliminate the entire public school music program since it was considered a luxury and not especially important in the fast-growing computer age. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed who knew that music education was a critical part of a complete education. Because of MAG’s 20 years of dedicated effort, our Orcas students continue to experience the joy of creating music.

– Joyce Burghardt

The Joyce Burghardt Excellence In Music Fund has been established in honor of founding board member, Joyce Burghardt, whose ideas and decades of work in school music advocacy have helped sustain the music program at Orcas Island Public Schools through some tight times.

The Burghardt Fund is focused on identifying transformative experiences and innovative ways to motivate practice for excellence and raise the bar of our students’ musical talents. It will also provide greater access for more music students who demonstrate skill and commitment.

Apply here:

Joyce Burghardt Excellence In Music Fund application


MAG’s $10,000 Challenge Grant Will Provide New Opportunities for Music Students – Joyce Burghardt Fund established

Burghardt Fund Exceeds Challenge Target – Paving new ways for local music students to reach full potential